There are two main options to getting started with LabOP:


  1. Install pyLabOP from PyPI, in your Python environment:
    pip3 install pylabop

    or install from source:

    git clone
    pip3 install labop
  2. LabOP visualizations currently depend on the graphviz application. To install graphviz, run (per
    • Mac: brew install graphviz
    • Linux: apt-get install graphviz libgraphviz-dev pkg-config
    • Windows: choco install graphviz
  3. To use LabOP in your client application, import the LabOP, UML, and SBOL3 modules:
    import labop, uml, sbol3
  4. Initialize an SBOL document to hold the protocol and referenced objects:
    doc = sbol3.Document()

    and (optionally) read a previously saved document:'test/testfiles/igem_ludox_test.nt')

Create a Simple Protocol

  1. Define a protocol object:
    protocol = labop.Protocol('MyNewProtocol')
  2. Import a primitive library:
  3. Create a primitive activity:
    plate = protocol.primitive_step('EmptyContainer', specification="MyPlate")
  4. Visualize the protocol with GraphViz: